Employment Law

Mitchiner Law knows that being an employee today is tough. The power dynamic between employers and employees often leaves the employee feeling like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Often employees are confronted with the two untenable choices. Either they can quit their job or they can stay in a job that is making them miserable.

Mitchiner Law specializes in helping these employees restore some semblance of order back to their life. Mitchiner Law does this by professionally managing the claims they have against their employer.

Mitchiner Law handles employment discrimination claims, disability discrimination claims, wrongful termination claims, and breach of contract claims.

In addition, Mitchiner Law is passionate about wage and hour law. Mitchiner Law believes that every employee should be fairly paid for the work the perform. Should an employer not pay an employee properly Mitchiner Law will be there to help the employee.

Estate Planning

Mitchiner Law's guiding principal when it comes to estate planning is keep it simple. Often attorney's and clients try to over complicate the estate planning process. This tendency can increase the cost of the estate plan and may even prevent the clients wishes from being realized.

Mitchiner Law believes that the perception that estate planning must be complicated and expensive has prevented many people that could use these documents from obtaining them.

Mitchiner Law is focused on giving clients the essential documents they need in an efficient, relaxed and affordable manner. Do not put this off any longer call Mitchiner Law today.