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Does your employer owe you money? Have the discriminated against you?

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Estate Planning


Estate Planning does not have to hurt. At Mitchiner Law, LLC we make the process efficient, painless and affordable.

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Mitchiner Law, LLC

Mr. Mitchiner formed Mitchiner Law, LLC to assist an underserved sector of the population with their legal needs. Quickly, after entering the practice of law Mr. Mitchiner noticed that legal help is readily available to the rich and to the poor. The rich can afford an attorney and the poor have options like legal aid available to them. This dynamic ends up leaving the middle class without representation. Mr. Mitchiner formed Mitchiner law to fill this gap.

If you are rich or poor don't feel left out. Mitchiner Law, LLC can provide you with excellent legal services as well.

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Find out how Mitchiner Law, LLC can help you with your Estate Planning needs and your issues with their employers...